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  Film Review Mag -  July 1981 - features pin up of Eddie Kidd, 2 pages on Clash of the Titans, 2 pages on Excalibur, 1 page on Amy Irving (Amy comes out tops in the competition), 1 page on Lauren Bacall (The Fan should win Lauren more of her own), 2 pages on James Bond (For your eyes only), 2 pages on Jessica Lange (Jessica will be the sex symbol of the eighties), 2 pages on Cronenberg, 2 pages on Anthony Hopkins (Bo Beguiles another British Beau), 1 page on Larry Hagman (JR is A VP in 'SOB), 1 1/2 pages on Jenny Agutter (A bird and a wolf bring Jenny back home....)  

  Film Review Mag - July 1980 - features 2 pages on Clint Eastwood (Clint breaks new ground as Bronco Billy), 2 pages on The Sea Wolves (with Roger Moore and David Niven), 4 pages on The Empire Strikes Back (its a fight to the darth with an all starwars cast), 2 pages on the movie Hurricane, 1 1/2 pages on Eddie the Kidd, double page pin up of the Village People, 2 pages on Allan Carr (The unstoppable Alan Carr), 2 pages on Robert Sacchi (Bob's Bogie face is his fortune), 2 pages on Nijinsky (A film about the talented but tormented Nijinsky)  

  Film Monthly Mag -  November 1989 - features 2 pages on New York movies (Allen, Coppola and Scorsese, 2 pages on the new MGM disney studios, 3 pages on Jane Fonda and Old Gringo, 2 pages on Kevin Costner (Hitting Out), 3 pages on Young Einstein (reviews on Old Gringo, The Abyss, Getting it Rich, Wilt, Bert Rigby, New York Stories, A Chorus of Disapproval, The Rainbow)  

  Film Review Mag - March 1977 - features 2 pages on Robin Askwith (Just imagine Robin Askwith among virgins), 2 page interview with Marthe Keller (Don't miss this swiss miss), 2 pages on Charlotte Rampling (on the set of her new film The Purple Taxi), 2 pages on the man in the iron mask  

  Film Review Mag -  January 1979 - features 2 pages on Robert Shaw and Harrison Ford (Force 10 from Navarone), 2 pages on Clint Eastwood (I've never done anything like it, every which way but loose), 2 pages on Jaws 2 movie, 2 pages on Julia Hemmingway (the golden lady for 007), 3 pages on Superman (christopher Reeve) and double page 1979 Superman Calendar!! 1 page on Lesley Anne Down (Successor to Liz?), 1 page on Suzanne Danielle (Sexy send up)  

  Film Review Mag - December 1979 - features on 3 pages on Clint Eastwood (What positive thinking has done for Clint Eastwood), 2 pages on John Travolta (Travolta does a strip for an encore in Moment by Moment), 2 pages on Yanks (Richard Gere and Lisa Eichhorn), 2 pages on Ian McShane, Paul Nicholas and Adam Faith (Yesterday's Hero), 2 pages on the disney movie A Watcher in the Woods, 1 1/2 pages on Persis Khambatta, 2 pages on Star Trek the motion picture, 2 pages on Denholm Elliott (one of the busiest actors around), 2 pages on Charlton Heston (the awakening)  

  Film Review Mag -  April 1979 - features on The fourth thief of baghdad, the second invasion of the body santchers, 2 pages on Clint Eastwood, double page pin up of Jane Fonda, Linda Hayden, Sophia Loren, Beverly Johnson, 2 page feature on Gerry Sundquist, 2 pages on George Patton, 2 pages on The Passage, 2 pages on Gregory Peck (The perfect Gentleman plays the worlds most evil man), 2 pages on Ashanti (a tale about Africa today and an ancient scourge that still persists)  

  Film Review Mag - December 1980 - in excellent condition - features 1 page on Burt Reynolds (The Bandit Returns - with an elephant - Burt Reynolds star of Smokey and the Bandit Ride Again talks to Barbra Paskin), 3 pages on The Blue Lagoon (Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields), 2 pages on Chris Sarandon (Chris Sarandon gets a double dose of Dickens), 1 page on Olivia Newton John (Livvy the Muse was not amused when asked if she's slept with JT)  

  Film Review Mag -  November 1995 - features pin up of Marilyn Monroe, 2 pages on Tom Arnold (Finding Fame), 2 pages on Nicole Kidman (Sunny outlook), 5 pages on Disneys Pocahontas, plus 100 years of cinema feature  

  Photoplay Mag - April 1976 - features 2 pages on Richard Dreyfuss, 2 pages on Gemma Craven, 1 1/2 page on Lee Remick, 2 pages on Sean Connery, 1 1/2 pages on Burt Reynolds, 2 pages on David Bowie, 1 page on Valerie Perrine  

  Photoplay Mag - May 1975 - missing a couple of pages, but all features listed are in the mag, mag is still intact and in very good condition - pin up of Barbra Streisand, 1 page on Robin Askwith (Robins confessions), 4 pages on Tommy, 2 pages on Prunella Gee (a newcomer sharing a bath with Michael Caine), 2 pages on James Stewart (his Harvey comeback), 2 pages on Robyn Hilton (super sex star), 2 pages on Yul Brynner (the killer in the Barony), 2 pages on Alfie (Alan Price), 2 pages on Scott Newman (why Paul Newmans son expected trouble from Steve McQueen  

  Photoplay Mag - November 1982 - 3 page feature on Tobe Hooper (the man who likes to make you scream), 3 page feature on Tom Selleck (Selleck on the high road to big screen fame), 2 page feature on Donald O Connor, 4 page feature with Dolly Parton, 3 1/2 pages with Ingrid Bergman, 1 1/2 pages on Pia Zadora, 2 1/2 pages on Al Pacino  

  Photoplay Mag - August 1987 - features 2 pages on Melanie Griffith, 3 pages on Bruce Willis, 3 pages on Rita Hayworth, 4 pages on Richard Dreyfuss, 4 pages on Jon Voight, 4 pages on Marilyn Monroe, 4 pages on Nicolas Cage, 4 pages on Barbara Hershey  

  Film Monthly Mag - April 1989 - 3 pages on Clint Eastwood, 4 page feature Close Encounters of the Alien Kind, 2 pages on Bridget Fonda, 2 pages on Kelly McGillis, 3 pages on Mel Gibson, 2 pages on Shirley MacLaine, 1 1/2 pages on Peter Phelps  

  Film Review Mag - December 1992 - features 2 pages on Kenneth Branagh (Peters Friends), 4 pages on Phil Alden Robinson (Sneakers and Field of Dreams) includes pin up of River Phoenix, 4 pages on Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg, 4 pages on Bridget Fonda, 2 pages on John Malkovich (Of Mice and Malkovich), 3 pages on Daniel Day Lewis (My beautiful Hawkeye), (has slight mark on cover)     

  Film Review Mag -  November 1990 - features 1 page on Maria de Mediros (Naughty, but nice), 1 1/2 pages on Julia Roberts (Drop dead gorgeous), 1 1/2 pages on Matthew Broderick (Getting fresh), 1 page on Joe Dante (Just a regular Joe), 1 1/2 pages on Harrison Ford (Court in the spotlight), pin up of Meg Ryan  

  Film Review Mag - November 1987 - features 2 pages on Cheryl Ladd (Deadly Care) 3 pages on Steve Martin (Nosing into the limelight), 2 pages on Tom Hulce (how he's started enjoying life), 2 pages on Michael Caine (Raising Caine), 2 page report from the set of Empire of the Sun (Here comes the sun), 6 pages on Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman (Ishtar is Born), 2 pages on Richard Attenborough (Fanfare for the common man), 2 pages on Clayton Rohner (Rohner lays lowe), 2 pages on Sammy Davis Junior, 2 pages on Emily Lloyd (See Emily play), 2 pages on Bette Davis, 2 pages on Burt Lancester (there is a small square missing from the bottom of a picture on this page only)     

  Empire Mag - August 1996 - features 1 page interview with Bob Hoskins, 2 page feature on Helen Hunt, 2 page feature on Emmanuelle Beart, 5 page feature on Godfather, 3 pages on 'Where are they now' - 1 page on Thirty Something, Happy Days, Hill Street Blues, 5 page interview with Jim Carrey, 6 pages on Cannes Film Festival, 5 page feature on Hunch Back of Notre Dame, 7 page interview on Tom Cruise    

  Empire Mag - April 1992 - features 1 page profile on Lili Fini Zanuck and Richard Zanuck, 1 page profile on screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, 1 page profile on producer Hal Roach, 1 page profile on composer Michael Kamen, 2 pages on Vocal heroes Adrian Dunbar and Tara Fitzgerald, 2 pages on Kathy Bates (Woman on the Verge), pin ups of River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, 1 page on the film My own private Idaho, 6 pages on Warren Beatty, 6 pages on Pedro Almodovar (director), 2 pages on Fred Zinnemann    

  Empire Mag -  October 1991 - features pin up of Michael Douglas, 1 page on John Candy, 1 page Mel Brooks, 3 pages on Harrison Ford, 4 1/2 pages on Alan Parker (has small tear on top of pages), 1 page on Robin Givens, double page pin up of Julia Roberts, 4 pages on Julia Roberts   

  Empire Mag - May 1996 - features 1 page interview with Eric Roberts, 1 page on The Stepford Wives (where are they now), 2 pages on Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects script took me by surprise, I still can't claim to understand it), 2 pages on Stockard Channing (Grease was a job. I needed the money. I never realised it would turn into this phenomenon), 2 pages on Sir Ian McKellen (I was doing any movie I could just to get practice), 2 pages on Denis Leary (People say, Don't you want to quit? I say F**k no!'), 4 pages on Bridget Fonda (She's Bridget Fonda and she's a star... or is she?), 6 page feature on The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 5 pages on Christian Slater, (The Devil Inside), 3 pages on Terry Gilliam (Quiet! Genius at Work), 6 pages on Pamela Anderson (No news from the front!), 7 pages on 68th Academy Awards    

  Empire Mag -  June 1996 - features 1 page interview with Holly Hunter, 2 pages on Frances McDormand (I didn't know about agents, about having to make a living), 2 pages on Jonny Lee Miller & Angelina Jolie (We didn't have a big white wedding, we had a small black one), 2 pages on Scott Wolf (I just wonder if Tom Cruise is getting tired of being told by people that he reminds them of Scott Wolf), 3 pages on Richard Dreyfuss (Reports of my demise), 3 1/2 pages on Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, 2 pages on Larry Clark (You can't kid a kidder), 3 pages on George Clooney (Bloody Good Show), 4 pages on Sharon Stone, (The best thing about it is the boobs), 5 pages on Robin Williams (Laughin all the way to the bank)  

  Film Review Mag - August 1992 - features 2 page interview and pin up of Jean Claude Van Damme, 4 pages on Far and Away with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, 2 pages on Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), 1 page on Marianne Faithfull (Keeping the Faith), 2 pages on Joe Pesci (interview), 1 page on Ben Kingsley (The greatest story ever toad!), 2 pages on Jane March (From London schoolgirl to sizzling screen Lover, The metamorphosis of Jane March)  

  Film Review Mag -  September 1992 - features 5 pages on Sigourney Weaver, 2 pages on Batman, 4 pages on Christopher Columbus, (Columbus Discovered), (has small hole on the cover)  

  Photoplay Mag - September 1974 - features pin up of George Peppard, 1 page on George Peppard, 1 page on Doctor Kildare, 1 page on Twiggy, 1 page on Charles Heston & Ava Gardner, 2 pages on Susan George, 1 page on Ben Hur, 2 pages on Jack Lemmon, 2 pages on  Sidney Lumet, 3 pages on Charlotte Rampling (Caravan to Vaccares), 1 page on Joseph Bottoms    


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