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How to Order
If you would like to order anything that you see within the For Sale pages of our website, simply email me at sales@ukcollectibles.co.uk with all the details required (i.e. Items you wish to order, Full Name and Address).  We will of course immediately reply with shipping information and total cost.

Methods of Payment Accepted
We are happy to accept payment in UK pounds personal cheque or postal order, or US dollars cash.  We can also accept payments via http://www.paypal.com using a credit card - simply email us at sales@ukcollectibles.co.uk to let us know that you want to pay via paypal and what items you are interested in, so we can send you a PAYPAL invoice.

Please note our site is updated weekly (sometimes daliy) so please do check back for regular updates.  The newest items will always be placed at the top of the first page of your section, i.e. new childrens collectibles will be placed at the top of the first childrens collectibles page - this is to make it easy for you the customer, so you don't have to trawl through all the pages every time you visit the site.

Postage is charged at cost plus packaging.   

Other books and items are charged according to weight. Email us for details.

Orders with a value of 30.00 or more qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

Please bear in mind it would simply be impossible to list every single item we have available for sale on these pages, so please feel free to send us your wants lists! Let us know what you are looking for and we will of course advise you if we have it or if we feel we can find it.  We may even be able to recommend other sources! Email us at sales@ukcollectibles.co.uk 

Green's Guide
You'll also find information on Green's Guide within our pages, which is an excellent book published by ourselves featuring the majority of UK annuals from 1950 onwards.  If you'd like to order a copy again you can email us at sales@ukcollectibles.co.uk 

Still Stuck?
If you're still not sure how you got here, or where to find the information you need, just drop us an email at .... you guessed it! sales@ukcollectibles.co.uk 

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