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Now Magazine 27th March 1981 - Weekly news magazine - features include The How anti pollice fury brought blazing devastation and despair to Brixton, NASA space heroes walk tall again, A tale of two presidents Brian Crozier on the contradictions of Valery  Giscard d'Estaing Seb Coe stalls on the big re-run, and much more

  Now Magazine 3rd April 1981 - Weekly news magazine - features include Reagan's Symbolism (The attempt to murder the president), The Marathon, Yasser Arafat 

Now Magazine 27th March 1981 - Weekly news magazine - features include The Hollis Affair, David Owen, Di and Charles wedding Souvenirs, and much more 

  Now Magazine 24th April 1981 - Weekly news magazine - features include Margaret Thatcher on Tour, An end to the recession, Afghanistan (The rebels united by hatred and Islam) 

  Now Magazine 12th March 2003 - in excellent condition  - features 2 pages on Dean Gaffney, 2 pages on Mel C, 2 pages on Les Dennis, 1 page on John Leslie. 1 page on Rob Lowe, 1 page on Johnny Knoxville, 2 pages on Gillian Taylforth, 2 pages on Carol Vorderman, 2 pages on George Clooney, 1 page on Shania Twain 

  Now Magazine 12th January 2005 - features 4 pages on Jack Ryder & Kym Marsh (We've lost 2 1/2 stone between us), 2 pages on Desperate Housewives (a look at the stars of the show), 2 pages on Kate Beckinsale (Those plastic surgery rumours devastated me), 2 pages of modelling pics of Helena Christensen, 2 pages on Ross Kemp (There's nothing romantic about being a gangster), 1 page on Johnny Vegas (I was offended that they invited me on Celebrity Fit Club), 2 pages on Nadia Almada, 1 page on Simon Le Bon (I'm far too stupid and arrogant), 1 page on Claire King (Passions)  

Now Magazine 12th June 2002 - 2 pages of fashion with Will Mellor (great pics) - 2 pages on Rachel Weisz (I don't fall in love easily) - 2 pages on Ozzy Osbourne (the world of...) - 2 pages on Declan Galbraith - 1 pages on Rik Waller - 1 page on Blue (passions) 

  Now Magazine 14th August 2002 - in good condition small bit of wear on spine - features 2 pages on J Lo & Ben Afflex, 2 pages on Alex Sibley, 2 pages on Jennifer Aniston, 2 pages on Rupert Everett, 2 pages on Keanu Reeves, 2 pages of modeling Elize Du Toit, 2 pages on Kristin Davis, 1 page on Cameron Diaz 

  Now Mag - 4th September 2002 - features 4 pages on Britney Spears, 2 pages on Johnny Vegas, 2 pages on Matthew Perry, 2 pages on Caroline Corr (marriage), 1 page on Helena Christensen, 1 page on Daniel Bedingfield  

  Now Magazine 15th January 2003 - in very good condition  - features 4 pages on Kate Moss, 2 pages on Richard Gere, 1 page on Steve Strange, 2 pages on Rachel Griffiths, 2 pages on Christina Aguilera, 1 1/2 pages on Gillian Taylforth, 2 pages on Nicole Kidman, 2 pages on Tamzin Outhwaite, 2 pages on Amanda Holden, 2 pages on Les Dennis, 2 pages on Matt Leblanc, 1 page on Sally Phillips 

  Now Magazine 6th February 2002 - in excellent condition  - features 2 pages on Jamie Theakston, 2 pages on Gareth Gates, 1 page on Mariah Carey, 2 pages on Matt LeBlanc, 1 1/2 pages on William Mapother, 2 pages on Suranne Jones, 1 page on Gary Lucy 

  Now Magazine 13th March 2002 - in excellent condition  - features 2 pages on Denise Van Outen, 2 pages on Bob Geldof, 2 pages on Anthea Turner, 2 pages on Kim Cattrall, 1 1/2 pages on Lori del Santo, 1 1/2 pages on Tracy  Shaw2 pages on Heather Mills 

 Now  Magazine 17th January  2001 - in excellent condition - includes 2 pages on Chris Evans & Billie Piper, 2 pages on Denise Welch, 2 pages on Brooklyn (Posh & Becks), 2 pages on Kate Hudson, 2 pages on Anna Brecon (Lady Tara), 1 page on Antonoio Banderas, 1 page on David Harewood, 1 page on Harold Perrineau, 1 page on Letitia Dean 

  Now Magazine 20th March 2002 - in excellent condition  - features 2 pages on Britney Spears, 2 pages on Harrison Ford, 2 pages on Blue star Duncan James, 1 1/2 pages on Sarah Jessica Parker, 2 pages on Denzel Washington,  

 Now  Magazine 27th March 2002 - in excellent condition,  2 pages on Pop Idol, 2 pages on Anastacia, 2 pages on Angelina Jolie, 2 pages on Travis Fimmel, 1 page on Nelly Furtado, 1 1/2 pages on Patrick Swayze, 1 1/2 pages on Enrique Iglesias,    

 Now  Magazine 30th June 1999 - in very good condition, 2 pages on Denise Van Outen & Jay Kay, 2 pages on S Club 7, 2 pages on Michael Jackson, 2 pages on Alex Kingston  

 Now Magazine 4th April 2001 - in excellent condition  - includes features on 2 pages on Julia Roberts movies, lots of Oscars related articles, plus 1 page on Davina McCall, 2 pages on the new movie Harry Potter, 1 page on Debra Stephenson, 2 pages on Donatella Versace 

Now Magazine 12th May 1999  - in excellent condition  - includes features on Julia Roberts, Jill Dando, Calista Flockhart, Pamela Anderson, Lauryn Hill, Anthea Turner, Hugo Speer, Jamie Oliver, Patricia Arquette, Britney versus Billie, Brooklyn Beckham and Liza Tarbuck  

Now Magazine Special Royal Romance Issue - in very good condition 

Now Magazine 21st June 2000 - in very good condition, includes 2 pages on Sarah Jessica Parker, 2 pages on Robbie Williams, 2 pages on Sid Owen, 2 pages on Prince William, 1 page on Pamela Anderson, 2 pages on Ross Kemp, 1 page on Neil Morrissey,   

Now Magazine 9th June 1999 - in very good condition - features include Lenny Henry & Dawn French, Melanie Griffith, George Clooney, David Duchovny, Patsy Kensit, David Harewood, Paul Byatt, Alessandro Nivola, Duncan Kentworthy, Danniella Westbrook, Jamie Lee Curtis   

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