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All videos are in PAL VHS format (UK) which may need converting to work on NTSC VHS machines (American)

Please note all of these videos are long deleted and are very hard to find , these are second hand,
but all have been checked and are in very good condition (unless stated) 


Hit Factory Video - best of SAW - 14 videostars including Bananarama, Mel & Kim, Sinitta, Rick Astley, Princess and more - £9.99 or $18.99

ZZ Top Greatest Hits Video - features Gimme all your lovin, Sharp dressed man, legs, TV dinners, Stages, Sleeping bag, rough boy, velcro Fly, give it up, my heads in mississippi, Burger man, viva las vegas - running time 50 minutes - dated 1992 (A013)  - £9.99 or $16.50

Cliff Richard Video - The Video connection - features 15 hits such as My Kinda Life, Devil Woman, Miss you Nights, Dreamin', The Young Ones - dated 1983 - running time 55 mins -  £9.99 or $16.50

De La Soul Video - 3 Feet High and rising - the videos - includes Potholes in my lawn, Me myself and I, Say no go, Eye Know - dated 1989 running time 19 mins -  £9.99 or $16.50

Wham The Video - in very good condition - features Wham Rap, Club Tropicana, Wake me up before you go go, Careless Whisper, and Last Christmas - running time 21 minutes - dated 1984 - £9.99 or $16.50

Shakin Stevens Videoshow Video - very rare video in very good condition - features Marie Marie, This Ole House, Shirley, It's Raining, Green Door and much more - dated 1984 running time 35 mins - £19.99 or $38.00

Shakin Stevens Videoshow Video 2 - very rare video in very good condition - features A letter to you, Teardrops, Turning Away, Come see about me and much more - dated 1987 - running time 33 mins -  £19.99 or $38.00

All Saints Video - includes I know where its at, Take the key, Never ever, If you want to party, Under the Bridge, The Bridge, Bootie Call, Never Ever - running time 58 mins (A015)£9.99 or $16.50


Tom Robinson - Back in the Old Country video - includes 14 great videos - recorded live in London 1984 -including War baby, Atmospherics, Prison, Old Friend, Hope and Glory, Cabin Boy and many others  - running time 58 minutes (A015)  - £9.99 or $16.50

Rod Stewart - The Videos 1984 - 1991 - includes Infatuation, Some guys have all the luck, People get ready, Every beat of my heart, Lost in you, Forever Young, My heart can't tell you no, Downtown Train, This old heart of mine, It takes Two with Tina Turner, Rhythm of my Heart, The Motown Song and Broken Arrow - running time 60 minutes (A014) - £9.99 or $16.50

Bobby Brown Video - includes Girlfriend, Girl next door, Don't be cruel, My prerogative, Roni, Every little step, Rock wit'cha, Every little step, My Prerogative  running time approx. 59 mins  (A014) £9.99 or $16.50

Dionne Warwick in Concert video - includes Alife, Walk on by, I say a little prayer, Do you know the way to San Jose, Heartbreaker, Deja Vu and I'll never love this way again - running time 60 mins (A016) - £9.99 or $16.50

George Michael Faith Video - includes I want your Sex, Faith, Father Figure, One more try, Monkey, Kissing a fool, includes exlusive interview footage with George Michael - running time 39 minutes (A013)£9.99 or $16.50

Aerosmith Big Ones video - You can look at  - includes Deuces are wild, Livin on the Edge, Eat the rich, Cryin', Amazing, Crazy, Love in an elevator, Jamie's Got a Gun, What it takes, The other side, Dude, Angel and Rag Doll - running time 100 minutes - dated 1994 (A014) - £9.99 or $16.50

An Evening with Fats Dominio Video - includes Blueberry Hill, I'm ready, I want to walk you home, Whole lotta loving, My girl josephine, The Fat Man, I'm gonna be a wheel someday, Blue Monday, Ain't that a shame, I'm in love again, Walkin' to New Orleans, Poor me, Let the four winds blow, I almost lost my mind, So long - running time 44 minutes - dated 1987 (A016)£9.99 or $16.50

Tina Turner Rio '88 Video - Includes 13 hits - performed in front of a crowd in Rio de Janeiro. Includes Addicted to love, Typical Male, Private Dancer, We don't need another hero, Lets stay together and many more - running time 75 minutes  (A012)  -  £9.99 or $16.50

Phil Collins No Jacket Required EP video - includes Sussudio, One More Night, Who Said I would, Don't lose my number, Take me home -  running time 30 minutes (A015) - £9.99 or $16.50


Fine Young Cannibals Video - recorded live in October 1989 at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle - features Johnny Come Home, Like a stranger, I couldn't care more, Good thing, Tell me what, I'm not satisfied, Funny how love is, Ever fallen in love, Don't look back, Suspicious Minds, I'm not the man I used to be, It's okay, My girl, She drives me crazy - running time approx. 1 hour  (A012) £9.99 or $16.50

Simply Red - Greatest Video Hits - Includes 18 hits such as Moneys too tight to mention, Holding back the years, Maybe someday, Its only love, You've got it, If you don't know me by now, Stars, Thrill me, Fairground and more - running time 75 minutes - dated 1996 (A014) - £9.99 or $16.50

Simply Red - A starry night with - Includes 12 hits such as A new flame, Your mirror, Its only love, Freedom, Stars, Thrill me and more - Filmed in Hamburg during Simply Reds 1992 sell out world tour - running time 65 minutes  (A014)  - £9.99 or $16.50

Roxette the videos - special bonus 'the making of joyride' - includes 9 hits - The Look, Dressed for success, Dangerous, Listen to your heart, it must have been love, joyride, fading like a flower, the big L, spending my time - dated 1991 - running time 70 minutes (A017) - £9.99 or $16.50

Wet Wet Wet video singles - includes Wishing I was Lucky, Angel Eyes, Sweet little mystery, Temptation and I remember - with introductions from Wet Wet Wet - running time 25 mins - dated 1988  (A013) - £9.99 or $16.50

Marillion - 1982-1986 The videos - includes 8 hits - Market Square Heroes, Garden Party, Assassing, Kayleigh, He knows you know, Lavender, Heart of Lothian and Lady Nina - running time 35 minutes - dated 1986 (A013) - £9.99 or $16.50

Joe Jackson video - Live in Tokyo - includes over 20 hits! such as One more time, Wild West, Home Town, On your radio, Fifty dollar love affair, Man in the street, Soul kiss - running time approx. 112 minutes (A016) - £9.99 or $16.50


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