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Disco 45 Annual 1978

Disco 45 1978 Annual - in excellent condition - hardbcak book - features Leo Sayer, ELO, Status Quo, Rod Stewart, David Soul, Paul McCartney & Wings, Elton John, Tina Charles, Abba, Thin Lizzey, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and more - £9.99 or $17.99

Radio 1 Annual - dated 1969 - has some rubbing on corners but nothing major - overall good condition - has incription on first page - includes features on Tony Blackburn, Chris Denning, Kenny Everett, The Peddlers, Tony Brandon, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, Ken Dodd, Stuart Henry, Pete Murray, - black and white pin ups of Petula Clark, Anita Harris, Cilla Black, Stuart Henry, David Dee and Co, Bonzo Dogs, Nancy Sinatra, Sandie Shaw, Peter Sarstedt, Julie Driscoll, Rolling Stones, Chris Denning, Georgie Fame, Engelbert Humperdinck, Love Affair, Nana Mouskouri, Sue Nicholls, Lulu, Dusty Springfield  - £9.99 or $17.99

Chart Toppers 1979 Annual - in excellent condition features Status Quo, Eagles, Wings, Peter Frampton, Elvis Costello, Stranglers, Rita Coolidge, The Rods, The Jam Rod Stewart, Boney M, Thin Lizzy, The Doors, Real Thing, Brotherhood of Man, Bob Marley, Boomtown Rats, Joan Armatrading and more - £9.99 or $17.99

New Musical Express Annual 1974 - in very good condition features on David Bowie, Slade, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Stevie Wonder, Floyd, Rolling Stones, Real Thing, Roxy Music, and much more  - £9.99 or $17.99

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Madonna 1987 Annual - in very good condition - 64 page hardback book full of pics, interviews, facts etc.  - £9.99 or $17.99

Duran Duran - The Book of Words - 96 pages - soft back and in very good condition - features puts into words the character and colour of their songs and their shows. The songwords are all here!!  - £4.99 or $9.99

Top of the Pops Mag - June 1999 - features 1 page on Five (Five still alive), 3 pages on Backstreet Boys (21st century boys), 1 page on Lee (911 - Totally bonkers), 3 pages on S Club 7 (The ultimate clubbers guide), pin ups of Shane (Westlife), Texas, Stephen and Ronan (Boyzone), Geri, Dane (Another Level), 1 page on N Sync, 3 pages on Spice Girls (What does the future hold), 1 1/2 pages on Mero, 2 pages on Adam Rickitt - £3.99 or $6.99

Just 17 Mag - 17th July 1991 - features 1 page feature on Kevin Costner, double page pin up of Jason Donovan, 2 page feature on Wendy James (has small tear on this article), pin up of Brad Pitt - £3.99 or $6.99

Just 17 Mag - 12th September 1990 - features 1 1/2 page feature on Dannii Minogue (Watch out Kylie!), pin up of Donnie Wahlberg - £3.99 or $6.99

Just 17 Mag - 31st October 1990 - mag has some wear as corners are dog eared on back few pages - inside you'll find double page pin up of Janet Jackson, 1 page feature on Paul Gascoigne - £3.99 or $6.99

Monkees Annual 1969 - annual is in good condition, but is slightly warped, wear on top and bottom of spine, couple of pages have their corners missing, but otherwise intact - £9.99 or $17.99

Number One Mag - 2nd January 1988 - features Carol Decker on the cover - inside you'll find 1 1/2 pages on Curiosity Killed the Cat, 2 page calender pin up with little pics of Rick Astley, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Madonna, Five Star and Terence Trent D'Arby, 2 pages on Then Jerico, 2 pages on Carol Decker, 2 pages on Sting, 1 page on Cliff Richard, Pin up of Pet Shop Boys - £4.99 or $8.99

Number One Mag - 7th November 1987 - 2 pages on Eurythmics, 2 pages on INXS, 1 page on Larry Blackmon, 2 pages on Then Jerico, 1 page on Maxi Priest, double page pin up of The Jets, and Sting, 2 pages on Ben Elton, 1 page on Style Council, pin up of Erasure  - £3.99 or $7.99


Smash Hits Mag - 1st May 2002 - features 1 page on Hayden Christensen, 3 pages on Atomic Kitten, 2 pages on A11 page on Alanis Morissette, 1 page on Sara Cox, 4 pages on Holly Valance, 2 pages on Simon from Blue, 3 pages on H & Claire (Steps), 2 pages on Different Strokes, 2 pages on Liberty X (Kevin & Tony), pin ups of Kelly Stereophonics, Aaron Carter, Blue, Westlife, Aaliyah, Ronan, Pink - £4.99 or $8.99

Ultravox Book - In their Own Words - softback book - contains colour poster - 32 pages - £9.99 or $15.99

George Harrison paperback book - in good condition - dated 2001 - fully updated to include George's near fatal stabbing by a crazed fan, some 19 years after Lennons death and his recent battle with cancer, a definitive study of this most reserved and genuine talent - £5.99 or $8.99

George Benson hardback book - 9 songs for piano vocal with guitar boxes - includes The Greatest love of all, Feel like making love, Lady love me, On broadway, Give me the night, In your eyes, love ballad, Turn your love around, beyond the sea - in good condition - ex library book - £7.99 or $14.99

The Police softback book - A visual documentary by Miles - very nice softback book with lots of great pics and information - in good condition - £9.99 or $17.99

Fab 208 1980 Annual - in good condition, but has split across front of cover and wear on corner - features include Kris Kristofferson, ELO, Billy Joel, Joey Travolta, Dean Friedman, Barry Manilow, Leo Sayer, The Boomtown Rats, Thin Lizzy, Kate Bush, Leif, Professionals, Disco music, Kurt Russell, Shaun Cassidy,  Parker Stevenson, Elvis, Osmonds, plus pin ups of Professionals, Leif, Shaun Cassidy andamp; Parker Stevenson, Bee Gees, Boomtown Rats, Elvis - £4.99 or $8.99

Shakin Stevens Special Annual - in excellent condition - dated 1983 - features lots of info and pictures - £12.99 or $23.99

Music Star Annual 1976 - features 4 pages on Bay City Rollers, 2 pages on David Cassidy, 2 pages on Mud, 2 pages on Queen, 3 pages on Rod Stewart, 2 pages on The Osmonds, 2 pages on Eric (Bay City Rollers), pin up of Bay City Rollers, pin up of suzi Quatro, double page pin up of the Osmonds, 1 page pin up of David Essex, 1 page pin up of Olivia Newton John, 2 pages on Woody the Bay City Rollers, 2 pages on Les Bay City Rollers, 3 pages on Alvin Stardust, 2 pages on Kenny, 2 pages on David Essex, 2 pages on Donny Osmond - in very good condition with slight wear on corners and spine - £11.99 or $21.99

Rock on 1980 Annual - 2 pages pics of The Stranglers, 6 pages on the A-Z of Heavy Metal, 1 page on Led Zeppelin, 2 pages on Genesis, 2 pages on Queen, 2 pages on Kiss, pin ups of Jimmy Pursey, Rezillos, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Kiss, Buzzcocks, Debbie Harry, Van Halen, Jon Anderson, Paul Weller, Freddie Mercury, Bob Geldof, Clash, Phil Lynott - 2 pages on Rush, 1 page on Peter Gabriel, 2 pages on Blue Oyster Cult, 2 pages on Black Sabbath - £14.99 or $26.99

Beatles Music Book - Clarinet -  this excellent 21 page softback book features sheet music of the Beatles songs ideal for the Clarinet player - also includes a separate pull out section for piano accompaniment - dated 1977 - features the following songs Hey Jude, Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby, Michelle, Long and Winding Road, Penny Lane and Here there and Everywhere - - £12.99 or $22.99

FAB 208 1981 Annual - Annual in very good condition, published by Fleetway, 2 pages on the Beatles, 4 pages on TV (a look at Shoestring, Dallas, Soaps, To the Manor Born, Oh Boy, MASH, Swap Shop, Grange Hill, Hart to Hart, Jim'll Fix It, Blake Seven and Tiswas), pin ups of Abba, Sting - £9.99 or $17.99

Top of the Pops 1979 - features 1 page on Legs & Co, 1 page on City Boy, 2 pages on Roger Daltrey, 1 page on David Soul, 2 pages on The Gizmo Boys, 1 page on 10CC, 1 page on Leo Sayer, 1 page on David Essex, 4 pages on Smokie, Abba, 1 page on Paul McCartney, 1 page on The Steve Gibbons band, 1 page on Dr Hook, 1 page on David Bowie, 1 page on Neil Diamond, 1 page on Blue, 2 pages on Peter Frampton, 2 pages on Thin Lizzy, 2 pages on Status Quo, 1 page on Chicago, 1 page on Golden Earring, 3 pages on John Miles - £14.99 or $26.99

Spice Girls 1998 Annual - in excellent condition - features the story so far, Geri (then and now), Five go Fizz, Mel B, Five go global, Two become one (romance), Victoria, Wannabes, Second thoughts, Blasts from the past, Going Solo, Emma, Who do they think they are?, Dress for success, Five's famous fans, Queens of the Screen, Whaddaya Know, Mel C, What next - £6.99 or $12.99

John Travolta Annual 1980 - in excellent condition - contains profile, John's Ideal Girl, The Early Years, Grease, Kids, Did you know, Fans, 2001 Odyssey, A-Z, Facts and Figgers, Love, The Other Travolta, How 'Fever' was made, Superquiz- has been price clipped, but otherwise in excellent condition - £12.99 or $23.99

The New Seekers sheet music - Britains Eurovision Song '72 - Beg, Steal or Borrow - sheet music is dated 1972 - and is in very good condition - £7.99 or $14.99

Tina Turner - paperback book - What's love got to do with it - The true life story of Tina Turner in very good condition with slight wear - £5.99 or $10.99

Big Time Mag - 1st April 1998 - in good condition features Spice Girls on cover - 4 pages on Spice Girls, pin up of Reboot, Lion King comic strip - £1.99 or $2.99

Smash Hits Mag - 15th November 1989 - very good condition with slight wear on corner, includes 3 pages on New Kids on the Block, 1 page on Richard Marx, 3 pages on Big Fun,2 pages on Phil Collins, 3 pages on Janet Jackson, 3 pages on Wendy James of Transvision Vamp,1 page review on Back to the Future part 2, 2 pages on Wet Wet Wet, back cover features Kylie Minogue, also pin ups of The Rebel MC and Nathan from Brother Beyond - £5.99 or $10.99

Take That Our Story Book - excellent hard back book - featuring Take That - 64 pages - in excellent condition - a must have for any Take That fan! - £9.99 or $17.99

The No. 1 Book 1987 - in very good condition features 2 pages on Tony Hadley, 1 page on Steve Norman (Spandau Ballet), 1/2 page on Leee John (Imagination), 1/2 page on Lee Macdonald (Zammo in Grange Hill), 2 pages on Duran Duran, 2 pages on Paul Rutherford, 4 pages on Five Star, 2 pages on Kate Bush, 2 pages on Paul Young, 2 pages on Depeche Mode, 2 pages on Nick Rhodes, 4 pages on Wham, 2 pages on Midge Ure, 3 pages on Aha, 1 page on Billy Ocean, 2 pages on Paul King, 1 page on Michael Jackson, 1 page on Madonna - £11.99 or $21.99

Toyah Special 1982 - in very very good condition not price clipped, although price has been covered up - features Toyah the Person, Toyah the design, Toyah Thunder in the Mountains, Toyah the actress, Toyah the look, Toyah the singer/songwriter, Toyah on the road, Toyah best female singer  £14.99 or $26.99

Take That Official Collectors Cards - Photographs take on latest tour - complete with all 66 cards, but missing a couple of the stickers produced by Topps collectors cards and in great condition, each card is held in its own slot in folder sleeves - £12.99 or $23.99

Take That 94 Tour Book - larger format book - with profile on the guys, great pin ups and info on the 94 tour, great book in great condition - £12.99 or $23.99

Oasis Softback book - The illustrated Story - New Edition - Over 100 pictures of the band on the road, in action and behind the scenes, plus exclusive interview material from the pages of Melody Maker - £7.99 or $14.99


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