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Heat Magazine

Heat Magazine - 11th September 2004 - features 5 pages on Stuart and Michelle (in bed with), Brian Mcfadden and Kerry celebrate Mollys birthday, 4 pages on The OC (51 amazing facts you need to know), 2 pages on Dan (Big Brother fame - what goes on between the sheets), 4 pages on Simon Cowell (Am I the kind of man who checks his hair in the mirror, when I'm having sex? Yes") to order visit http://www.magazinesgalore.co.uk   

Heat Magazine - 18th December 2004 - bumper christmas issue - features 2 pages on Steve Brookstein, 2 pages on G4, 1 page on Kerry Katona (Stars of the year), 1 page on Tina O Brien (Stars of the year), 1 page on Victor Ebuwa (Stars of the year), 1 page on Nadia Almada (Stars of the year), 1 page on Shane Ritchie, 1 page on Suranne Jones, double page pin up of Dermot O'Leary (dressed as Brad Pitt), 4 pages on Nigel Harman (I dress as a Mongolian goatherd to avoid the press), 3/4 page on Daniel Radcliffe (interview)  

Heat magazine

Hot Stars Mag - 22nd November 2003 - features 1 1/2 pages on Kylie Minogue (Exhausted Kylie says no), 1 page on Christina Aguilera, 1 page on Pink, 1 page on Madonna (Madonna was a cheeky cheerleader), 1/2 page on Dane from D Side (Whats it like being Dane), 2 pages on Sammy Winward (I'd choose both of em!), 2 pages on Fearne Cotton (It's good to have imperfections)   - 

Sunday Express Magazine - 21st November 2004 - features 1 1/2 pages on Lisa Maxwell (24 hours in the life of), 3 pages on Delta Goodrem (Bravo Delta), 3 pages on Jodi Albert (Hollyoaks Debbie loves glitter and she's a gypsy rose at heart) 

Hot Stars Mag - 8th February 2003 - features 4 pages on Posh and Becks (Looking back at a fine romance), 3 pages on Kiefer Sutherland & Elisha Cuthbert (24's the cult show that saved Kiefer Sutherland's career and launched Elisha Cuthbert and now its back), 2 pages on Josie D'Arby (I've turned down excellent nights out in favour of a bath!), 1/2 page on Delta Goodrem- 

You Magazine - 21st November 2004 - features 2 pages on Ben Kingsley (From the heart), 5 pages on Kelly Brook (I'm a lot more complex now), 4 pages on Sophie de Stempel (married to Sir Ian Holm) - A life in perspective 

You Mag - 1st October 2000 - features 1 page on Jackie Collins (Blockbuster novelist's M & S fetish), 4 pages on Uma Thurman (A sense of Uma) - 

You Magazine - 18th April 2004 - features 2 pages on Omar Sharif (From the heart), 4 pages on Virginie Ledoyen (Virginie's voyage of discovery), 2 pages on Jo Whiley (how my sister made me a campaigner), 1 page on Virginia Ironside 

Saturday Magazine - 20th March 2004 - features 1/2 page on Emma Forbes, 3 pages on Angelina Jolie, 1 1/2 pages on Gina Ward (Heartbeat - I've never been so terrified) - 1 page on Floella Benjamin (whatever happened to her) - 2 pages on Jemma Redgrave (once a Redgrave...) - 1/2 page on Mike Reid

Saturday Mag - 8th May 2004 - features 1/2 page on Jeremy Vine, 3 pages on Patsy Kensit (I want to crack British TV), 2 pages on Chrissie (Dens wife in Eastenders Tracy Ann Oberman), 1 page on Boney M (whatever happened to them!), 2 pages on Denis Lawson (Holby City), 1/2 page on Nell McAndrew (interview) - 

Saturday Magazine - 31st January 2004 - inside you'll find 3 pages on Zoe Lucker (I can't wait to be a bad girl), 2 pages on Lynda Bellingham (In my dreams I would love to seduce Jude Law), 1 page on T'Pau (Whatever happend to Tpau), 1 page on Ade Edmonson (excellent interview) - 

Saturday Mag - 12th June 2004 - inside you'll find 3 pages on Liv Tyler (Liv the dream), 1 page on Gordon Honeycombe (Whatever happened to....), 2 pages on Amanda Mealing (I fought the Big C and won), 3/4 page on Katy Hill (interview) - 

TV Times Magazine - 19th February 2005 - in excellent condition - features 3 pages on The Bill special (Sun Hill Inferno), 2 pages on Plane spotting (a spot of bother), 2 pages on Angela Cannings played by Sarah Lancashire in the new drama about Angelas life (they stole my freedom), 2 pages on Robson Green (when fate takes a hand), 1 page on Richard Briers (No laughing matter - getting serious for his new role as a grandad who's the victim of abuse), 1 page on Joe Pasquale (how life in the jungle changed everything) 

Womans Own Mag - 17th May 1999 - inside you'll find 1 1/2 pages on Ricky, Bianca and Natalie (What's been going on Ricky?), 1 page on Glenda McKay (Loves and Hates), 1 page on Frances Barber (I found my boyfriend in bed with my best friend)  - 

Saturday Mag - 24th July 2004 - features 3 pages on Keira Knightley (Keira slays the knights), 2 pages on Bill Wyman (The stones were boring!), 1 page on Bernie Clifton (Whatever happened to....), 2 pages on Vernon Kay (Fatherhood won't phase me), 1/2 page on Jenny Powell, 1/2 page on Darren Day  - 

Woman Magazine - 7th July 1997 - features 1 1/2 pages on Eastenders Special (Ricky & Bianca - Is the honeymoon over?), 1 page on Matthew Perry (I love my friends..... but I'm searching for a soulmate!) 

Sunday Mag - 6th February 2005 - features 1 page on Kelly Osbourne (My secret celebrity lover), 2 pages on the set with The Bill (Going out with a bang), 2 pages on Ant & Dec (Ant & Dec to split!), 1 page on David Walliams (Not a lady, you know), 2 pages on J Lo & Richard Gere (J Lo steps into Gere) - 

Radio Times Magazine - 18th June 1988 - features 2 pages on David Mercer (playwright - The quality of Mercer), 3 pages on Pat Cash (Cash carry on) - 

Radio Times Mag - 15th December 1984 - features 2 pages on Geraint Evans (A knight of carols), mag has some signs of wear (has possibly suffered from water damage as is slightly wrinkly, but nothing major) - 

Radio Times Magazine - 8th July 1989 - features 1 1/2 pages on Keith Carradine (Carradine lays down the law) -- 

Saturday Mag - Saturday magazine - 28th August 1999 - features 1/2 page on Penny Vincenzi, 4 pages on Ross Kemp (The shy tough guy) - 

New Magazine - issue 73 - 2nd August 2004 - features 4 pages on Javine (I've learned to love my body), 2 pages on Dannii Minogue (I don't like being skinny), 2 pages on Jessica Simpson (Nick loves every inch of me), 2 pages on Daniel MacPherson (We're too young to get married), 2 pages on Kelly Osbourne (I'm the luckiest person in the world), 2 pages on Denise Van Outen (The secret life of), 1 page on Kelis (Favourite things) 

New Magazine - 6th September 2004 - features 4 pages on Bryan Mcfadden (I have nightmares about losing Kerry), 4 pages on Daniel Bryan (Big Brother), 2 pages on Sharon Osbourne (I think exercise is bad for you), 2 pages on Darren Day (I've wanted to be a day for so long), 2 pages on Mischa Barton (I hate being called anorexic)  

New Mag - issue 43 - 5th January 2004 - features 4 pages on Blue (Wonder boys), 4 pages on Atomic Kitten (includes one page pin up), 2 pages on Jude Law (the secret life of....), 1 page on Michelle Ryan (Favourite things) - 

EDP Magazine - 31st January 2004 - features 2 pages on Tim Burton (Me weird? I'm just a movie masochist), 1 1/2 pages on Chrissie Hynde (hates meat eaters, dinner parties and stupid people, what she loves are animals, her ex husbands and a really good moan), 2 pages on Nicholas Parsons (A question of staying firmly in control), 1 page on Sylvia (Mother of Gwyneth Paltrow), 1 page on Vernon Kay (talks about his marriage to fellow presenter Tess Daly)  

My Guy Mag - 16th August 1980 - No. 118 - in excellent condition - features the usual photo stories, plus back page pin up of Sting and pin up and half page write up on Taxi star Jeff Conaway - 

My Guy Mag - 8th November 1980 - No. 130 - in excellent condition - features the usual photo stories, plus back page pin up of Trevor Eve and pin up and half page write up on Randy Jones of the Village People  

My Guy Mag - 5th July 1980 - No. 112 - in excellent condition - features the usual photo stories, plus back page pin up of Eddie Kidd and pin up and half page write up on Phil Daniels (star of Quadrophenia)

My Guy Mag - 12th July 1980 - No. 113 - in excellent condition - features the usual photo stories, plus back page pin up of Don Warrington (Rising Damp) and pin up and half page write up on Keith Chegwin  

Sunday Mag - 12th September 1999 - features 1 1/2 pages on Michelle Pfeiffer (My hubby loves old women), 1/2 page on Kevin Whately (Aw, dad you're not stripping again), 1 page on 911 (still the baddest lads in pop),  

Saga Mag - Saga Magazine - January 2003 - features 4 pages on Elizabeth Taylor (At least I got to keep the ring), 4 pages on Martin Scorsese (The film of his life), 3 pages on Chris Rea (Reborn to sing the blues) - 

Sky Mag - March 2002 - features 1/2 page on Michelle Trachtenburg (Truth or Scare), 3 pages on Jennifer Lopez (Diva or darling?), 2 pages on Guy Ritchie (Tough guy), 1 page on Jolene Blalock (Science vixen), 1 page on Ioan Gruffudd (Watch this face), 1 page on Andy Farrell (Fast forward)

Sunday Mag - 12th August 2001 - features 2 pages pics of Joanna Taylor and Danielle Brent, 1 page on Catherine Zeta Jones (I want loads of boy action!), 1 page on Patrick Kielty (I'm a good liar), 1 1/2 pages on Susie Krabacher (The playboy model who turned into a saint), 2 pages of pics of David Schwimmers luxury pad - 

Sky Mag -  February 2002 - features 1 page on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1/2 page on Dark Angel, 1 page on Nicolas Cage (In the Nic of time), 1 page on Calista Flockhart (Off the boys), 1 page on Hugh Jackman (Watch this face)1 page on Michael Owen (Target practice) - 

Sky Mag -  June 2002 - features 3 pages on Angelina Jolie (Wild things) -

Woman Mag - 14th June 1999 - features 1 1/2 pages on Guy Pearce (I'm just an old fashioned Guy) - 

Woman Mag - 12th August 1996 - features 1 page on Gail & Martin (Is Nick Still Alive - Coronation Street special), 1 1/2 pages on Stuart Wade and Tonicha Jeronimo (I will sleep with you, Biff!)- 

Woman Mag - 18th January 1999 - features 1 1/2 pages on Grant Mitchell (She needs you now, Grant!), 1 1/2 pages on Lisa Kudrow (I've thrown the maternity clothes away at last!), 1 page on Rebecca Callard (I'd rather work in the sun than the Street!) (daughter of Beverley Callard)  - 

Woman Mag - 8th February 1999 - features 1 1/2 pages on Troy Titus-Adams (You can trust me Grant), Eastenders special, (this article has a small square cut out which does not affect writing, only bottom of picture), 1 1/2 pages on Cher (I nearly became a nun), 1 page on Tina Hobley (I'm much happier now)- 

Womans Own Mag - 5th July 1999 - features 1 1/2 pages on Matthew & Steve (Eastenders), 1 page on Dale Winton (My other half has to be as passionate as me)  

Sky Mag - January 2005 - features 3 pages on Jim Carrey (If I were God I'd make the world out of rubber), 2 pages on Kate Beckinsale (She's tough - she really kicks ass), 2 pages on Gail Porter (Gail's Dead Famous quest for ghosts), 2 pages on Brad Pitt (Why Brad was Troys secret weapon), 2 pages on Denis Leary (Denis's sure fire success) - 

Radio Times Mag - 12th June 2004 - features 3 pages on Alex Kingston (ER today.... gone tomorrow), 1 page on Suranne Jones (One final question), 2 pages on David Beckham (Come in No. 7, your time is now)  - 

Saga Mag - June 2003 features 1 page on Michael Brunson, 4 pages on Shirley Bassey (Full power), 4 pages on Billy Connolly (Billy the Kid), 3 pages on Lauren Hutton (American Beauty), 6 pages on Guiseppe 'Toni' Mascolo founding father of the vast and lucrative Toni and Guy - 

Readers Digest Mag - December 2000 - features 3 page interview with Fergie (Duchess of York), 8 page interview with J K Rowling (the wizard behind harry potter - explaining the magic of the strange young boy who has cast a spell over publishing and her life)  

Readers Digest Mag - November 2001 - features 3 pages On the Spot Michael Winner, 12 pages on Paul McCartney (Getting better all the time) - 

Readers Digest Mag - December 2001 - features 3 pages on Josh Humphrys (on the spot), 16 pages on September 11th (heroes of the world trade centre), 8 pages on Julie Walters (Just Julie)  

Readers Digest Mag - September 2001 - features 3 pages on Maeve Binchy (On the spot), 6 pages on Sir Anthony Hopkins -

Readers Digest Mag - June 2001 - 3 pages on Robert Kilroy Silk (On the spot), 8 pages on Andre Agassi (Ace!), 2 pages on Ben Affleck (Personal glimpses) 

Candis Mag - April 2001 - features 4 pages on Amanda Redman (A Class Act), 4 pages on Erin Brockovich (Life after Julia), 2 pages on Evelyn  Glennie (Out to lunch interview) - 

Candis Mag - June 2000 - features 2 pages on Michael Buerk (Out to Lunch interview), 3 pages on Michael Caine (Raising Caine) 

Saturday Mag - 24th May 2003 - features 1/2 page on Bobby Davro (The weekend starts here), 3 pages on Terry Wogan (Nothing I do is meant to be taken seriously), 2 pages on Tina Hobley (Its every womans nightmare), 2 pages on Gina McKee (The ice maiden melteth), 2 pages on Gloria Hunniford (Open secrets), 1 page on Charlie Brooks (On the line) - 

You Mag - 11th August 2002 - features 1 page on Paul Newman (Newman's recipe for success), 4 pages on Heather Graham (Heather's risque business) 

Woman Mag - Woman Magazine - 7th April 2003 - features 1 page on Suranne Jones (Corrie), 1 page on Natalie Imbruglia (I'm the happiest I've ever been), 1 page on Guy Pearce (I don't want to be recognised) 

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